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About the Department

Established in 2003 by splitting off from the Department of Applied Linguistics, The Department of the English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the University of West Bohemia ranks among the Faculty’s youngest departments.  The present focus of its professional activity is the Bachelor’s study programme Foreign Languages for Commercial Purposes, which, through a wide range of specialized subjects, combines language competences with knowledge and skills from the commercial sphere to create interdisciplinary study providing students with extensive career prospects. The Department has also participated in the creation of the Bachelor’s study programme International Relations – British and American Studies, a major addition to the portfolio of territorial studies at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts.  The programme is aimed at comprehensive preparation of specialists in international relations with a territorial focus on the United Kingdom and the United States of America (including a broader knowledge of the Euro-Atlantic area). The Department is also involved in teaching linguistic and literary subjects in the Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programmes of the Faculty. In addition, it provides teaching in the certificate programs of Advanced English, American Studies and British Studies, designed to enhance the students’ knowledge of the English language as well as specific cultural, social and historical aspects of the Anglo-American sphere. The courses are taught by both Czech and foreign specialists.

In accordance with the Department’s pedagogical profile, the research and publication activities of individual members are primarily aimed at literature, linguistics and didactics.

Fostering contacts with a range of specialized workplaces home and abroad, the Department cooperates with Universidad of Aveiro in Portugal as part of the Erasmus international exchange programme. Since 2005, the Department has been involved in a unique project called Global Understanding, first implemented in the Czech Republic in co-operation with East Carolina University in the USA and other partner universities. The project aims at enhancing the knowledge of the cultural, social and historical development of the countries of the partner universities.

The results of the Department’s research activity are presented at conferences home and abroad. The Department is a regular organizer and professional guarantor of the international ProfiLingua conference, dedicated to specialized language style.  The topics of the individual conference years include the specifics, lexicological and stylistic aspects of specialized style, current issues of language teaching, the creation of study materials, etc.


Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinators

PhDr. Ivona Mišterová, Ph.D.

Contact: yvonne@kaj.zcu.cz


Mgr. et Mgr. Jana Kašparová

Contact: kasparek@kaj.zcu.cz